Keef Colas Review

I had not personally tried any of their products yet, but I was pretty excited when I tried them for the first time.

Once we were done with the their website, they were very kind and showed their gratitude with a big box of samples for us to try.

So far, I have been able to try the original Keef Cola, Bubba Kush Root Beer, & the Purple Passion flavors and let me tell you they are AWESOME!

The original reminded me of the real sugar flavored Pepsis or maybe the RC cola taste. Not too sweet and just right.

I’m sure for the average person these drinks would get them stoned but someone like me requires a little more MG to really feel anything.

That’s where the boost shots come in. =)

These have 80mg per shot and you will definitely feel it a bit more.

The other flavors are spot on. It it little wonder why the Bubba Kush Root Beer won best edible. You don’t taste the oil at all in any of the drinks or boost shots.

We get invited to social gatherings all the time where people are drinking beer, but we aren’t really big drinkers or into drinking that much. Next time we will just be bringing a 4pack of Keef Colas to enjoy.

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